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Nostragamus - Live Match Schedules

Nostra Pro Manual


  • NostraGamus is structured across challenges. Each challenge is a collection of live matches of one particular sport. And To play, the user has to join a challenge.
  • Once joined, the user has to pick his predictions (usually 6) for each match in the challenge. The user gains (typically 10) or losses points (typically 4) depending on whether the predictions made turn out to be right or wrong in the match.
  • The user plays each challenge against a set of other users (could be unlimited or a limited set of users).
  • Depending on the number of points scored in the match, the user is ranked on the Leaderboard of the challenge along with the users. The more points the user has, the higher he goes on the leader-board.
  • Each challenge has an associated prize/rewards structure depending on the mode joined (free/mode). The user wins a prize if his final rank on the leaderboard at the completion of the challenge has a prize money associated with it.


  • There are 6 predictions that a user needs to make for every upcoming live match of a sport.
  • Predictions will concern simple concepts such as runs, wickets, catches, economy rate, etc, in cricket, and goals, saves, passes, tackles, etc, in football, and other similar concepts in other sports.
  • These predictions are put up as questions in a card design (shown below) with 2-3 options.
  • The user needs to predict which option will come true in the match. If the prediction comes true, the user gets 10 points. If it doesn’t, he loses 4 points.
    • User needs to look for the two numbers in Green & Red to identify how many points he will gain & how many points he will lose for each match respectively.
  • To predict, the user needs to swipe the card – Swipe right selects the right options, swipe left the left option and swipe up selects the third option (the one on the bottom). You can also select the option by clicking on the option choice.
  • The questions for any upcoming match are typically put up 24 hours before the start of the match unless one of the teams involved in the match is playing the previous day. Then the questions are put up within 2 hrs of completion of the previous match.
  • Users are allowed to make their predictions up to 1 hr before the start of the live match (in case of sports like Football, Basketball) and 10 mins (in case of Cricket). The last time to make predictions for a match is also indicated next to the match on the home screen.
  • Results of the predictions are updated within 2 hours after the competition of the match.
  • If a prediction of the user turns out right at the end of the match, the user gains 10 points and if it is false, the user losses 4 points.


  • When you open the game, you will see a set of challenges ranging across sports. For example: “Cricket Antaryami II”, “EPL Gameweek 27”, “NBA Dunkathon IV” etc.
    • Each challenge will only have matches from that sport, and not from a different sport.
  • Each challenge will typically run for 2-4 days and will consist of 3-5 matches.
  • When you select a challenge in your sport, you will see a set of matches (min. 2) belonging to it. These are the upcoming live matches belonging to the challenge for which you need to make predictions.
  • Each challenge will have different modes in which it can be played – Free or Pay & Play (typically an entry fee of Rs. 20 & Rs. 50).
    • Free mode has a smaller prize money given to a smaller set of users and the competition is unlimited (usually 200+).
    • Whereas, the prize money on the “Pay & Play” modes is significantly larger, spread on a much larger set of people, and the competition is limited (2-12 folks).
  • Whenever you enter a challenge in any mode, you will also automatically be added to the leaderboard of the challenge for that mode only.
  • Your points scored across each match of the challenge will be totalled to give the challenge score and your rank will be determined after comparing your score with other users.


  • Power-ups have been created to help the user to either gain points or to limit losses. However, they are limited in their availability.
  • Three kinds of powerups are provided in the game – 2x (Double Ups), No-Negatives & Audience Polls.
  • A user can make use of multiple power-ups on a single question as they wish.
  • 2x (Doubler)
    • To double points that a user can gain for a correct prediction. For e.g: If a prediction gets you 10 points for being correct, on applying 2x you can get 20 points.
    • Note: It also doubles the points that you will lose if the prediction turns out false.
    • Pro-Tip: Used it when you are very confident that a prediction will come right.
  • No-Negatives
    • Every prediction you make comes with a risk of losing 4 points if it doesn’t turn out right.
    • When you apply no-negatives to a prediction you make, you will not lose 4 points in case it doesn’t come true – essentially you are removing the risk of failure.
    • It is typically meant to be used when you believe that there exists a high possibility of your prediction not coming true.
    • Pro-Tip: Use it when you think there is a reasonably high probability that prediction may not come true.
  • Audience Poll
    • As the name suggests, it provides you with stats on what other users of the game have predicted at an aggregate level.
    • Meant to be applied when you are unsure about which side a prediction could swing .
    • Pro-Tip: Meant to be applied when you are unsure about where the prediction could swing.
  • A user can make use of multiple power-ups on a single question, as they wish.


  • NostraGamus ‘Wallet’ is a convenient online account to store a users’ promo money, deposits and winnings from the game at one centralized destination. The Wallet not only serves as a medium to deposit or withdraw your money, but it also provides a consolidated list of all your previous transactions etc.



  • The promo money includes all the rewards being offered by us, NostraGamus, under various promotional activities such as referrals, joining bonus & etc.
  • Promo Money cannot be withdrawn by the users, you can only exhaust the promo money by joining a paid challenge, or buying inventory (powerups, etc) from the store.
  • The scope, variety, and type of services and products that you may obtain by redeeming Referral Credits can change at any time.


  • To make a successful payment to join a paid challenge, a user has to first deposit money into the wallet. You can either deposit money directly from your bank account/debit/credit card, or through payTM, if you link your payTM account. All the money being transferred by the user into the deposits is non-refundable and cannot be withdrawn. Please be assured that we do not save your credit or debit card information anywhere, and the safety is guaranteed by our payments partner PayTM.


  • All your prize money is transferred into this section after deducting any promo money you may have paid to play that specific challenge.
    • For example: If you use Rs. 20 promo to join a paid challenge and wins Rs. 400 as prize money, in that case Rs. 380/- will be transferred to “Winnings” and 20 Rs will be transferred as promo money.
    • Note: If you make a deposit of Rs. 20 and use that money to join a challenge and win Rs. 400 – Rs. 400 will be transferred to winnings without any deductions.
  • All amounts won by a user in the winnings section can be withdrawn by the user.


  • By tapping on the “Transaction History”, you can view all your completed or failed transactions. This lists all your transactions along with your order IDs. If you have any issues in regard to any of your transactions, you can note your Order ID next to the transaction and email us for support at


  • This section allows you to update your payment details, PayTM or bank account information where you would like to withdraw your winnings to. Please note that PayTM transfers are processed immediately after a withdrawal has been initiated, while a bank account transfer can take upto 24-48 hours to process.


  • The NostraGamus Referral Program allows registered NostraGamus users (an “NostraGamus User”) to earn referring credits (“Referral Credits”) toward future game playing by referring friends to NostraGamus.
  • To participate, NostraGamus Users must agree to these terms, which become part of the NostraGamus Terms of Service. Capitalized terms that are not defined here will have the same meaning given to them in the NostraGamus Terms of Service.


  • NostraGamus Users can earn Referral Credits if:
    • A Referred friend downloads & installs the NostraGamus Pro app to create a valid NostraGamus account that compiles with our Terms & Conditions (hyperlink the T&C page), then the referring user will receive 2 powerups each of 2x, No-Neg & Audience Poll.
    • if the referred friend makes a deposit of Rs. 20 or more to play any Paid Challenge (or into the Wallet) in the NostraGamus app, the referring user will receive a cash reward of Rs. 10
  • The referring User will be credited with the Referring Credit amount described in the referral invitation or accompanying promotional materials.


  • A qualifying deposit means who a user has successfully paid Rs. 20 or more as an entry fees to play any of the paid challenges available on the app.


  • NostraGamus may suspend or terminate the Referral Program or a user’s ability to participate in the Referral Program at any time for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to suspend accounts or remove Referral Credits if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of the NostraGamus Terms of Service or Payments Terms of Service. We reserve the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals in our sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate.
  • The scope, variety, and type of services and products that you may obtain by redeeming Referral Credits can change at any time.


  • We can update these terms at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modifications as update on website, Applications, and in other channels, and the modifications are applicable from the data of change. Continued participation in the Referral Program after any modification shall automatically constitute consent to such modifications.


  • When you complete certain actions in the game, you can earn more powerups.
  • These powerups earned by you on completing an action automatically enter your powerup bank.
  • You can use powerups from the powerup bank in any match in any challenge.
  • In a challenge, you can use a maximum of 2 powerups of each type. That means, 2 of no negs, 2 of 2x and 2 of audience poll can be used for each challenge.


    • To be eligible to play NostraGamus, you must be :
      • At least 18 years of age in your jurisdiction.
      • You must not be a resident of Assam,Telangana,Odisha,Sikkim,Nagaland(as these states prevent its citizens to participate in Game of Skill platforms).
    • Usernames: You need to create a username and add a profile picture to your account when playing in NostraGamus:
      • You are not allowed to create accounts with the phrase “Nostra” or “Sportscafe” in their username. NostraGamus reserves the right to change the names of such accounts.
      • You are also not allowed to have usernames which are offensive or promotes a commercial venture. The requirement to change will be determined at NostraGamus’s sole discretion, and if requests are ignored, NostraGamus may unilaterally change a player’s user name.
    • Users are required to create user accounts through logging with their Gmail accounts and Phone Number.
      • Note: Your Gmail accounts and Phone number are the ways to login through the game. In case you lose the password to those Gmail accounts, we will not be able to help you out.
      • We will only change your email address once after the account is created.
      • One user account should correspond to a unique phone number for login and payTM. Users will not be allowed to register if the phone number is already registered in the app as login/paytm phone number of another account.
    • Usage of scripts to create users is not allowed on NostraGamus.

Any kind of violation with respect to the eligibility criteria & other rules above , may result in in your access to our service being prohibited or withdrawn, along with disqualification and/or forfeiture of any prizes. We may even steps to further blocks IPs & IMEI numbers.


  • Users have to choose their Picks before the deadline (as indicated by the start-time of the match in the app or the countdown timer next to the match). Users will not be allowed to make Picks past the deadline.
  • Change of match timings:
    • We will strive to prepone/postpone match timings to closely reflect the actual start of the live match. However, it is not guaranteed.
    • NostraGamus will strive to inform the users of any change in match timings, particularly preponements. However, it may not always be possible. We advise the users to make their Picks as and when decided to join a contest rather than waiting till the end. We will not refund users for preponement unless the preponement happened while user was making his Picks.
    • Once a match has begun on the app – we will not push out the match again. This is done to keep the game fair and not allow users to view Picks of their competitors.
      • Thumb rule to keep in mind: If a match isn’t pushed out with 2 mins left to begin on the app, then the match will not be pushed out. Hurry up and make your predictions then!
  • Picks once made can be changed till the start of the match on the app.
  • A user can use multiple powerups (but not more than one of each) on a single question as they wish.
  • Users are expected to check their predictions in the answers screenthat appears after the swiping of the predictions cards is completed. We are not liable to give any refunds for any errors in predictions made due to the network connectivity issues, platforms bugs (or) any other causes.


  • Each correct Picks gets the user +10 points
    • (Or) +20 points in case 2x is applied
  • Each wrong prediction gets the user -4 points
    • (Or) -8 points in case 2x is applied
    • (Or) none in case No-Neg is applied)
  • In the rare cases when more than one of the available Picks to a particular question are all right (or) all wrong, then we will award equal points (+5 (or) + 10 in case a doubler is applied) to all the users who have attempted the question.


  • You will be given a fixed no. of powerups (of each of 2x, no-negative & audience poll) for every contest. Typically, if there are, say 3 matches in the contest, you will be allotted 3 of 2x, 3 of no-negatives, and 3 of audience poll.
  • Also, you can use 1 extra powerup set from the Powerup bank. Except, when a Match has “Power Bank Disabled” in the name. Then you will not be allotted the extra powerups
  • If we find that a user has used more than the allowed number of powerups (either voluntarily or involuntarily), his entry into the contest will be cancelled and no refund will be provided. If you ever happen to use extra powerups unknowingly,please inform us at the earliest at or the Customer support chat from Nostra Pro app.
  • You can earn additional powerups in your Powerup Bank by buying it from the powerup store. Powerups once bought from the powerup store cannot be returned.


  • Contests once entered for a challenge cannot be reversed. We will be unable to entertain any requests to refund money in contests you may have accidentally joined.
  • Guaranteed contests (indicated with “G”) are those where the prize money for the different ranks is fixed and will be awarded in fill even if the contest doesn’t get filled completely.
  • Non-Guaranteed contests (indicated with “N”) have a minimum. entry requirement and money will be returned if the participation is below the minimum number of entries required for that contest.
    • For example, a “Mega H2H Non-Guaranteed contest” with Rs. 500 entry has a min. entry requirement of 2. If only one person joins, the contest is closed and money (and powerups used from bank) is returned to the user who joined.
  • Pool Contests (Indicated as “P”) will have a variable Prize structure. The more the users, Bigger will be the prize.
  • For Example: Suppose Initially the prize pool for a pool contest will be 5000 rs. As the no of users increases the prize pool increases accordingly.


  • Most Matches are settled within 15 mins – 30 mins of completion of the actual match.
    • We take the 15 – 30 mins to re-verify all the results and also investigate any user complaints (or) fraudulent behavior.
    • However, if there is any difficulty in obtaining results of a particular match, the Matches maybe settled the following day.
  • Users can access a full list of all winners for each Match they have entered into by clicking on the ‘Rank’ section in the home screen of the corresponding Match.
  • NostraGamus may determine an adjustment is necessary for the following reasons:
    • A technical issue, including, but not limited to, errors or irregularities in the settlement process or in the transmission of information from data providers;
    • A violation or suspected violation of the Terms of Use, rules or other terms and conditions governing the operation of a Match/game;
    • Any other reason deemed necessary by NostraGamus to protect the integrity of the game.


  • Accuracy of results: We aim to provide 100% accurate results and we built processes and take significant care to ensure the same.
    • However, in case you find any inaccurate results, please, at the earliest, report to us in the app or at the phone numbers provided in the app.
    • There will also be cases, from time to time, when a match is partially played (or) abandoned (or) an error may have been made by us in framing the question. In those cases, we will strive to be fair taking into account exact match situations and provide a result – but our interpretations of answers is final.
    • On certain occasions, the league/tournament/stats provider may adjust/revise the scores after the final results are out. In the event this occurs, the results on Nostragamus will be updated and the settlements will be revised.
      • However, where NostraGamus, in its sole discretion, determines that a correction needs to be made after settlement, the prize settlement process (including payment) may be adjusted and games resettled correctly. NostraGamus will determine, in its sole discretion, whether any such corrections are necessary.
  • Result Sources: We use the following score providers for results & match timings. The results provided by these sources only will be considered for marking answers. Source to be used to score for the game will be determined based on availability of results in the order of priority from left to right.
      • Cricket: ESPNCricinfo, BCCI.TV, CricBuzz, (or) Official tournament website.
      • Football:, ESPN.Com, (or) Official tournament website.
      • Badminton: BWF/Tournament Software, (or) Official tournament website.
      • Tennis: Grandslams, ATP/WTA, (or) Official tournament website.
      • Basketball: NBA, SofaScore (or) Official tournament website.
      • F1: F1, FIA, SofaScore, (or) Official tournament website.
      • Hockey: FIH, Hockey Boards, (or) Official tournament website.
      • Kabaddi: PKL, (or) Official tournament website.

    Note – We will not entertain request to change results (or) alter payments (or) refunds based on results from diffeFrent sources from what we use.

  • Abandoned & Washed out matches: In case a match is abandoned or washed out (or) postponed to beyond 48 hours – we reserve the right to either cancel/replace the match.
    • In case we don’t replace the match, the users will be awarded “Split Points for all the matches in that contest, i.e 5 points (or + 10 in case the user has applied a doubler) for all the questions.
    • In case we don’t replace and decide to award “Split Points” – the match will be pushed out to a minimum of 5 minutes post the official declaration of the washed out result. Users are expected to fill in their predictions within that time. Once, the predictions are closed, they will not be opened again.
  • Player Injury: In case a player is injured or not selected, the results to the predictions in which the player is directly involved, will be marked mathematically. Please refer to the following cases for further understanding
    • “How many Goals will Player X score? A. <=1 B.>= 2. If Player X doesn’t play, then A will be marked as the right prediction.
    • “How many runs will Player A concede? A. < 25 B.>= 25. If Player X doesn’t play, then A will be marked as the right prediction.

    In case is a player who is selected but doesn’t come out to bat/bowl/shoot/score in a completely (or) partially completed match – the results will be mathematically marked as mentioned in the “Accuracy of Results” sub-section.

  • Split points: A user will be awarded +5 (and not +10) for his prediction under the following situations.
    • When a match is completely washed out (or) abandoned (or) postponed.
    • When a match is partially washed out and the event underlying the prediction doesn’t occur. Examples
      • How many runs will Player A score? And Player A doesn’t come out to bat due to rain, which cut shorts the innings of the team.
      • How many runs will be scored in the 3rd session? And the 3rd session is washed out due to rain.
      • How many aces will Player A hit? And the other player is injured in the first game itself.

    In case is a player who is selected but doesn’t come out to bat/bowl/shoot/score in a completely (or) partially completed match – the results will be mathematically marked as mentioned in the “Accuracy of Results” sub-section.

  • When a question is wrongly framed
    • While we strive to be perfect in framing the prediction question, it’s not always possible. Unfortunately. If we make an error in framing of the question, then we will split points for the prediction for all those who attempted it. Some of the possible types of inaccurate question framing are:
      • “How many runs will Player X score on Day 2? A) < 40 B)>= 40”. And Player X was already out on Day 1.
      • “Who will score more runs? A) < 40 B)>= 40”. Prediction question & options aren’t correlated.
      • “Will Player A score more runs? A) < 40 B)>= 40”. And Player A isn’t part of the squad of either teams.
  • When no available option is right
    • Example: Who will score more points? A. Player A B. Player B. And both players score 20 points.
  • When more than one options is right?
    • Example: How many goals will Player X score? A. <=2 B.>= 2. And Player X scores 2 goals.
  • When the result of the picks is already determined as the live match started before picks were closed in the app.


  • Players are ranked on the leaderboard based on the points scored. The No. 1 rank is awarded to the player with the highest points, No. 2 to the next highest, so and so forth.
    • Note – In case of tie in a reverse contest we consider the least accuracy among the 2 users.
    • If two (or more) players are tied on the same number of points, his accuracy is taken into consideration to break the tie. The player with the higher accuracy gets the higher rank and so and so forth.
    • In Case of Reverse Fantasy we consider the User with least accuracy.
  • Each player stands to win the prize money associated with his rank/position on the leaderboard, as laid out at the start of the challenge, unless there is more than 1 person tied at a particular rank
  • If still, two (or more) players have the same number of points and have the same accuracy, they are awarded the same rank. However, the next highest points scorer is given a rank = (number of people who have scored more points than him) + 1
    • For example, Assume 4 players have the following points at the top of the leaderboard
      • Player A: 300 points with 80%
      • Player B: 300 points with 75%
      • Player C: 300 points with 75%
      • Player D: 290 points with 75%
    • Then Player A is awarded Rank 1, Player B is awarded Rank 2, Player C is also awarded Rank 2 & Player D is awarded Rank 4
  • In case, there are two or more people tied at a rank, then the prize money for each player is calculated as following:
    • If say, 3 players are tied at the 10th rank. Prize Money to each player involved in the tie = (Prize money of 10th rank + Prize money of 11th rank + Prize money of 12th rank)/3.
    • Similarly, if they are n players tied at the Xth rank. Prize money to each player involved in a tie = (Prize money of Xth rank + Prize money of (X+1)th rank + … + Prize money of (X+(n-1)th rank)/n. Note: Usage of powerups is not taking into consideration for breaking of ties.
  • Not every contest in a challenge can help you win money. They are certain contests – especially the ones with free entry – where you either win promo money for finishing in the prize spots (or) do not win any money at all. Promo Money won through such contests can be used to join other contests in the game (where a user can win money and also withdraw it).


  • Matches will be cancelled for the following scenarios:
    • In case the underlying match is postponed for more than 2 days.
    • In case one of the opposing player/team withdraws.
    • In case the match is washed out, abandoned, called off, or suspended.
    • In case the match occurs earlier than the scheduled start time in the app.
  • Matches will be cancelled and money (promo/winnings/regular) and additional powerups (those used from bank) will be refunded accordingly, as and when the following happens:
    • If more than 60% of the matches in the challenges are cancelled/abandoned/completely washed out.
    • If we discover large scale collusion & cheating across contests
    • If technical issues make it difficult for a large set of users to play/predict in the game.NostraGamus’s server clock shall be the official timekeeping device for all contests and all matters related to timekeeping within the service


    • User collusion is strictly not allowed. If we find that a player has created fake accounts and playing with them, and in the process, converting promo money into winnings – we will withhold his/her winnings across all of his/her accounts.
    • If a Player has logged in five or more accounts in his/her device then we will block all of his/her accounts and withhold his/her Winnings.
    • If we find any player activity suspicious then we will withhold the winnings of the player and make the KYC compulsory. Once the KYC is verified the Player will be able to withdraw his winnings.
    • Similarly, if we find that a player has broken the rules of the game or cheated in the game either knowingly or unknowingly – we will withhold his/her winnings.

Our decisions on such issues are final. Second instance of a user being reported will lead to permanent banning of accounts.


  • Promo money: Is given on winning Free contests or as reward for joining (or) on certain bonus/promotional offers from time to time. Promo money cannot be withdrawn into PayTM/Bank accounts
  • Winnings: You can withdraw all the winnings amount once you cross the minimum withdrawal limit. You can withdraw via Paytm or Bank accounts.
  • Deposits: You can deposit money through either your PayTM (or) Bank account. Note: Money once deposited into the game cannot be withdrawn. In case, you find that money has been cut from your PayTM account or bank account but hasn’t been added to the wallet inside the Nostra wallet – please write/call/whatsapp us at the contact details provided within the “Help” section in the profile page (or)


  • NostraGamus’s server clock shall be the official timekeeping device for all contests and all matters related to timekeeping within the service


  • In case you are facing any issue in the app (while logging in or playing), please write to us at or contact us at the phone numbers provided within the app. Please do ensure that you report us of such issues 3 hours before the start of the match that are looking to play, we will strive to solve it at the earliest for you. In the last 3 hours, if technical problems “beyond our control” happen, we will not be able to refund.


  • NostraGamus is a Picks based fantasy sports app, India’s one of a kind platform where you just choose to predict real life match events and win prize money.


  • Frankly, our aim is to cover as many sports we can. We are extensively covering Football, Cricket & Basketball, Formula 1, Badminton, Kabaddi. We wish to bring more sports into the fold, and we are working on it. Stay tuned!.


  • You create an account by connecting with Google or Phone Number. Just follow the on-screen information. Rest assured, we won’t post anything or use your personal information without your consent.
  • When you connect with Google, a username will be created for you using your first name and a number. You can edit this username in the settings menu.
  • We will also require users to change their usernames in cases where the name is offensive or promotes a commercial venture. The requirement to change will be determined at our sole discretion, and if requests are ignored, we may unilaterally change a player’s username or suspend the player’s access at our sole discretion.


  • No! At the time of registration you’re prompted to confirm that you’re not from Assam ,Sikkim Nagaland Telangana or Odisha. Due to the state laws of these states, a person is not allowed to play Game of Skills with prize money involved and therefore, you can not take part in these games.


  • Yes! The app is perfectly legal. NostraGamus is a “Game of Skill”. Game of skill refers to any game, contest, or amusement of any description in which the designating element of the outcome is the judgment, skill, or deftness of the participant in the contest and not chance. In a game of skill, outcome is determined mainly by mental or physical skill, rather than by pure chance. Games of Skills are legal across India, except Assam ,Sikkim,Nagaland,Telangana and Odisha.


  • If you’re a registered user, and are finding trouble logging in – feel free to Contact Us (hyperlink our Contact page). Our team will contact you shortly and provide you assistance for the same.


  • Post completion of every Match, after your withdrawal the cash reward is credited into your PayTM account (3-4 working hours) or Bank account (48 working hours) that you have updated on the app. In case PayTM or Bank account information is not updated, we will reach you at your registered email-id (or) you can reach us at or on “Customer chat” from profile.


  • Yep! Just go to ‘Profile’ section on the app, tap the ‘Settings’ icon on top most right corner and press ‘Edit Profile’. Here you can edit your information i.e your username, photo easily.


  • Every match has a deadline, before the questions get locked. The deadlines for all the matches happen at the start of the Actual Match.


  • Yes! Do not be afraid. If you would like to play ‘Pay & Play Matches’, you will have to download the new app. Due to certain restrictions on Play Store, we are asking you to download our Nostra Pro app separately. You can always choose not to download it. But you can’t play ‘Pay & Play’ Matches then!


  • Asking the correct questions! We have introduced a new feature called Edit Answers. Now you can just go to the matches that you have answered by clicking on Answers – then press ‘Edit Answer’ next to each question and make the changes as you wish and then press Save Answer. Your answers will be changed. Please note that, editing answers can only be done before the deadline. After deadline, the feature gets disabled.


  • If any match gets abandoned then we will refund the Entry Fees and all the powerups used from the powerbank.


  • Every Match has an equal number of powerups awarded to all users. If you have used all your powerups and wish to earn more, then he click on the “+” symbol which will take you to the power bank. You can buy extra power ups from the power bank. However, per Match you can use only 1 additional powerup of each kind from the powerup bank.


  • Post completion of every Match, the cash reward which you withdrew is credited into your PayTM account (12 working hours) or Bank account (36 working hours) that you have updated on the app. In case PayTM or Bank account information is not updated, we will reach you at your registered email-id (or) you can reach us at


  • Oops! Well, in that case – just go to ‘Wallet’ and see if the information you added is correct or not. If the information is correct, and you still haven’t received your cash rewards – drop an email at or go to profile and click on “Customer Chat”
  • A user is not bound to get the Promo money on depositing if he has more than 1 account logged in the same device.


  • After registration, you’re prompted to add your PayTM or bank details. If you haven’t updated your details or would like to edit them, you can go to ‘Profile’, and then in the ‘Wallet’ tab – you can update your details.


  • We’re really sorry that you had to face an issue in the app. If you come across a bug or are finding any kind of technical problem, feel free to drop us an email at or go to profile and click on “Customer Chat or FAQ’s” and tell us about the Issue/Bug


  • We would love to hire passionate sports fan who would like to contribute in achieving our goal of making NostraGamus the one stop for all fantasy sports lovers. Just drop your resume at, our team will contact you as soon as possible.
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